Lighting is all about creating a mood and a flow through an environment, and getting it right has a huge impact on your customers. We design lighting layouts and recommend the best products to use to get the feel just right.


Bespoke Lighting

We are sometimes asked to work to some really demanding design briefs. For the unique, the flamboyant, the innovative and the niche, we offer a flexible in-house manufacturing service to make sure you get your dream fittings exactly to spec.



We design and supply a wide variety of lighting and luminaire products, selected by our specialist team with retail and commercial environments in mind. We can also repurpose existing fittings to suit new requirements for a more sustainable approach.

The Ultimate Guide to Retail Lighting

In the world of retail, where the competition is fierce and first impressions are crucial, the power of effective lighting cannot be overstated. Dive into the ultimate guide now.

Tron | Made in Britain

After a thorough assessment, our TRON System has officially achieved Made in Britain accreditation.
The Made in Britain logo is a mark of excellence, demonstrating that we are proud to manufacture and export from Great Britain.

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