Bespoke LED Tape and Channel Assembly

LED Tape and Channel provide a contemporary and minimalist linear lighting solution for a multitude of applications. Aluminium extrusions, when combined with the flexibility of led tape, can highlight architectural features, serve as essential task lighting and be part of a layered lighting scheme.

Brilliant task-oriented lighting or subtle night lighting; anything is possible.


LED Tape and Channel assembly can be a headache for many, but not for us. We offer a Bespoke LED Tape and Channel assembly service, custom-made to meet your requirements.  Our in-house workshop has a clean, anti-static room specifically for cutting channel using digital saws to apply any angle to any profile. We have a wide variety of aluminium extrusions and led tape available to suit even the most complex of lighting schemes.

Cut Tape

Solder Tape

Plugs and Socket Drivers

Mitred corners




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LED Linear Lighting for Retail and Commercial Spaces

The future is linear.

Linear lighting is set to become a firm favourite in retail and commercial spaces, as the possibilities are truly endless.

Whether simplicity or something bespoke and unique is the desired effect, LED Linear can fulfil even the most complex of design briefs. Adding visual interest and creating a talking point, bespoke shapes such as triangles, circles or even abstract scattered suspended luminaires, there is something for every space big or small. A completely versatile product that can be suspended, surface mounted or recessed in a variety of finishes to suit bespoke requirements.

All of our linear lighting products are manufactured with integral drivers, we believe this is an element that sets our product above the rest. As there is no remote driver it means that each luminaire is individual, making assembly and maintenance a breeze.

Unsatisfied with the quality and price of other LED Linear lighting on the market, we created our own space in our workshop purely for manufacturing LED Linear luminaires. Tried and tested, we believe we produce the best LED Linear lighting solutions on the market. As we manufacture our own LED Linear products in-house,  this enables us to customise every element of the final result, ensuring that our customers are supplied with a first-class product. Not only that, as a member of the Lighting Industry Association we can ensure that every product we supply meets industry standards in performance, quality, safety and design.

Linear lighting shouldn’t be restricted to just ceilings! A corridor, escalator area or even the floor can be transformed into something spectacular through the use of linear lighting.

Get in touch and tell us about your ideas for your next project, we’d love to help.

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