Lighting Trends For 2019

We’re looking at the year ahead and looking into our crystal ball to see what themes will be important in lighting for 2019. Lighting design can completely make or break a space, choosing quality lighting that will stand the test of time and be both functional and aesthetically pleasing is important. We’re taking a look at some key trends for 2019 that will ensure that retail, commercial or residential space you are designing lighting for will be perfectly on-trend.


LED Linear

LED Linear lighting lends itself to a multitude of designs and finishes, be it circular, triangles or long lines. They can be utilised as a central feature of a space or seamlessly blending into a wall, ceiling or floor. They are a fantastic choice if you are looking for something a little different and that will be sure to make a retail or commercial stand out from the rest.


Industrial Pendants

Metallics are a big trend for 2019 in interior design, an easy way to tap into this is through metallic pendants. A quick addition for updating a space, or a finishing touch to a site refurbishment. Brushed copper or pewter industrial pendants are an ideal choice for adding a sense of sophistication easily. They add an edge when suspended above a cash desk or reception, looking as if you’ve hunted them down in an antique store!



The use of LED lighting in lighting applications is ever increasing as it enables retailers to dramatically reduce their energy usage and costs. There will be a considerable focus this year on developing cost-saving options for businesses and consumers alike.

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