Lush, Harajuku | Stores We Like

Prolight’s very own Sophie visited the brand new <a href=””>Lush</a> store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district on her trip to Japan earlier this year. She has written a little piece about her visit below.

As soon as you enter, you are greeted with the classic Lush scent and wall to wall bath bombs. The store is bursting with gradients of colour, as fun and colourful as the fashion hub Harajuku itself. Unlike the stores we see in the UK, there are no blackboards with product descriptions, no sinks for demonstrations, just pure bath bombs. Lush Harajuku offers a new concept in shopping whereby customers can use their smartphones loaded with the Lush App to take a photograph of the product in interest, and the App then shows the product in action, and also details on the scent, ingredients and how they can affect your skin and mood. Arguably the perfect experience for such a renowned tech-forward country.

In addition to the new digital shopping concept, the Harajuku store has a conveyor belt setup packed with a variety of bath bombs as a nod to the ever so popular conveyor belt sushi Japan is known for. The store also features colourful pastel-toned globe lights suspended at varying lengths, almost mimicking the shape of the bath bomb.

The art of bathing is essential in Japanese culture, and this store blends this tradition with the colour and fun of the Harajuku district, this takes the idea of a concept store to a whole new level.

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