Making The Switch | Schuh LED Upgrade

For #EnergySavingWeek we’d like to put the spotlight on the benefits of switching to LED lighting, not only for cost saving purposes but the reduction in energy usage. Reinforcing the fact that every small change made in energy use does cumulate towards a big shift towards helping the environment.

Prolight Design has worked with Schuh since 2000, we pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our customers. We supplied lighting in 2011 using CDM technology, Schuh contacted us looking they were looking to upgrade their lighting to reduce their energy costs and usage. An evident benefit of our long-term relationship with Schuh was that we already knew what the existing fittings were and enabled us to seamlessly upgrade the fittings by creating LED versions of the existing fittings.

We calculated that there would be a 46% overall reduction in wattage with the transfer to LED fittings, with a payback of 3.1 years. A fantastic result through a fairly quick change!


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