PROZERO | Sustainability in Retail Lighting

Sustainability is at the heart of Prolight Design and today we are doubling down on this with the launch of our PROZERO initiative, an important next step in our journey to Zero Carbon and that of our clients.

PROZERO is a continuation of our already deep commitment to sustainability and our belief in protecting the planet for the future.

We have already made significant progress in recent years to reduce our carbon footprint and to optimise the sustainability of our products and operations and we are proud to have sustainability as one of the core pillars of our strategy. Our unwavering focus on the specification and supply of class-leading LED efficiency in our luminaires has ensured the positive impact of our products and enabled many of our clients to make substantial progress in their own plans to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

We have already set out our PROZERO actions for 2024 with several exciting investments:


Our new GEN-E Collection represents a major update to our Core Spotlight Products with advanced GEN-E LED Technology. With >160 Delivered Lumens per Watt with both 3000K and 4000K delivering a new unrivalled benchmark in Energy Efficiency, Circular Design, Reduced Material Content and Embodied Carbon.


The upcoming release of our New Noble Track Luminaire represents the pinnacle of our GEN-E Collection with the ultimate blend of Energy Efficiency and Circular Design with UK Manufacturing.


2024 will see further investment in our UK Manufacturing to enable us to produce even more products closer to our core market and reduce the embodied carbon of our portfolio and support the UK Economy.


2024 will see the installation of our new Solar Power System which will make our operations and UK Production more than 50% self-sufficient and will also enable us to ensure that almost all onsite electric car charging of our electric vehicles and those of our employees is powered by nature.

If you would like to find out more about our PROZERO initiatives or our ground-breaking GEN-E Collection or please get in touch at

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