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    Sustainable Lighting: New Product Launch

    A versatile, high-performance spotlight ideal for bringing sustainable lighting to a variety of applications.

    Russell Matthieson, General Manager

    Introducing the Spore Raw.

    Developed and manufactured by Prolight Design, the Spore Raw is a real step towards sustainability within the Lighting Industry. Boasting 50% reduction in materials and contains >60% recycled aluminium, it has all of the specifications of a high-performance spotlight whilst being a sustainable product. As paints are typically unfriendly to the environment, the Spore Raw is shot blasted to create the matte effect to the aluminium. It is being debuted at a Lush store in Germany, a brand renowned for being a trailblazer for sustainability within the retail space.

    spore eco track light prolight design

    The Spore Raw boasts:

    • 97 CRI

    • 78 Lumen/Watt

    • Anti-glare

    • 50% reduction in materials used

    • 70% recycled aluminium

    • No paint used, PPC finish

    • Interchangeable lenses

    • Driver fitted within the track adapter

    The Spore is also available in a Black or White finish, there is a sustainable luminaire for every application.

    spore eco track light prolight designspore eco track light prolight design

    Get in touch to learn more or if you’d like to use a variant of this product in your next project.