Energy Efficiency Audit Service

Want to improve your retail, commercial, industrial or even residential space’s energy efficiency?

Alongside our design and supply service, we also offer an energy efficiency audit service. We will assess every element of your current lighting scheme and highlight areas for potential savings.

We can then provide you with a quotation for bulb and lamp replacements with LED alternatives and payback calculations, alongside the estimated savings you can benefit from.



Make significant savings on your energy usage

We examine your existing lighting scheme and look at the current energy usage and running costs to then calculate the cost of the initial LED upgrade, to match your current setup. From this, we can then highlight the costs and savings expected from the upgrade, and the estimated time you can expect to pay back the initial costs. Customers have been able to save over 80% on their energy costs just from this change.

We have worked on lighting upgrades for many brands, however, the above before and after photos of Farrow and Ball in Cambridge shows the transformation in the quality of light just from an LED upgrade.