John Byrne

John has worked in the Lighting Industry since 1981, starting his career at Thorn-EMI Lamps and Components. Initially working in the Lab, prototyping and testing new luminaire designs for customers. Extensive training at the key lamp and control gear factories throughout the UK led to lamp service engineering, and fieldwork, troubleshooting customers’ site issues.

Moving to retail lighting manufacturer, Microlights, in 1990, focusing on optical and electronic engineering, bringing to market new and innovative lamp and luminaire designs, and building an in-house lighting laboratory along the way.

In 2003 he joined Dextra Lighting as Technical Manager, building yet another Lighting Laboratory, bringing in-house all photometric, thermal and EMC testing of luminaires. Moving to become R&D Director in 2008, John worked on many leading-edge R&D programs in LEDs and electronics for lighting control, until joining the Prolight Design team in 2023.

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