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    JD Gyms | Bolton

    State of the art gym in Bolton.

    Last week we went to visit the brand new JD Gym in Bolton, we were blown away by the final result. This is one of many JD Gyms we have worked on, all slightly unique in their own way and this one is no different. JD Gyms pride themselves on refusing to compromise on quality, style and member’s experience of the gym.

    Gym lighting should be there to enhance your surroundings and your workout, and the lighting here does just that. Whether it be the custom-made triangle LED Linear luminaires, or the halo lit mirrors great for perfecting post gym selfies- all elements contribute towards the incredible atmosphere within the gym and is what sets it apart from other gym chains.

    Our favourite element of this project has been the bespoke triangle LED Linear luminaires in the function and lift area of the gym. These are entirely custom-made, featuring two elements, using an LED extrusion and brackets mounted to the extrusion to add in the additional spotlights, creating more of a focal point to the area and depth.

    Check out the video tour of JD Gym Bolton:

    State of the art gym in Bolton.

    Bespoke triangle led luminaires gave personality and intrigue to this state of the art gym in Bolton.

    Ray King, Senior Lighting Designer

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