Northampton International Academy

335 Metres of LED Linear for Northampton International Academy


Northampton International Academy is a brand new school, based in Northampton that provides quality education for the local area.

A different project for us, being an educational environment and ensuring the lighting design met the requirements whilst also being attractive and modern. Far from the traditional fluorescent tubes and panels traditionally found in schools, we used a whopping total of 335 metres of our led linear luminaires. The most we’ve ever made for a single project, and all manufactured in-house! Our design team were in the workshop helping manufacture the luminaires to ensure that they were ready on time.

Our led linear provides visual interest to the classrooms, offices and gym area, a change from the norm. Statement luminaires help a brand stand out from the rest, and as a brand new school, linear lines certainly do this for Northampton International Academy.

335 Metres of LED Linear for Northampton International Academy

The team enjoyed being hands-on and getting involved in the manufacturing process of this project.

Jordan Dixon, Lighting Designer

Products used

TRON Linear

Crafted in-house, versatile and fulfils even the most ambitious design briefs.

TRON Linear

Crafted in-house, our Tron LED Linear is a truly versatile system that can fulfil even the most demanding of design briefs.

Adding visual interest and creating a talking point, bespoke shapes such as triangles, circles or even abstract scattered suspended luminaires, there is something for every space big or small.

Can be suspended, surface mounted or recessed in a variety of finishes to suit bespoke requirements.

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