WHSmith | Birmingham Airport

WHSmith’s 6,000-square-foot flagship at Birmingham Airport represents their commitment to revolutionising the travel retail experience, offering a comprehensive selection of essentials all conveniently housed under one roof. Gone are the days of frantic store-hopping; now, travellers can seamlessly obtain everything they need for their journey in a single, streamlined visit.

“From travel essentials such as health & beauty, food to go, and reading materials, to global tech brands and souvenirs – this store really does promise an unmatched convenience shopping experience for time-pressed customers. I couldn’t be more proud of both the end result and also the team’s hard work and meticulous attention to detail to create what is now our largest UK airport store for our partner at Birmingham Airport and our customers.” Andrew Harrison, Managing Director, UK Travel, WHSmith

This innovative store not only reflects WHSmith’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of travellers but also serves as an example of adaptability in an ever-changing retail landscape. As traditional categories like News and Magazines experience a natural decline, WHSmith ventures into new territories, expanding its offerings to encompass Chilled Food, Health and Beauty, and Souvenirs. With this approach, WHSmith continues to redefine the concept of travel retail, setting new standards of convenience and accessibility for patrons at Birmingham Airport and beyond.

Prolight Design’s work to design and supply the complete lighting package for the latest flagship continues to utilise the highly flexible Global Trac Lighting Track in combination with the high-efficiency Dingo Pro Track Spot with premium light quality and high colour rendering to ensure the merchandise is presented in the best possible light. Furthermore, the Tron Linear system complements the ceiling feature that runs throughout the store for striking impact.

Products used

TRON Linear

Crafted in-house, versatile and fulfils even the most ambitious design briefs.

TRON Linear

Crafted in-house, our Tron LED Linear is a truly versatile system that can fulfil even the most demanding of design briefs.

Adding visual interest and creating a talking point, bespoke shapes such as triangles, circles or even abstract scattered suspended luminaires, there is something for every space big or small.

Can be suspended, surface mounted or recessed in a variety of finishes to suit bespoke requirements.

Learn more about our Linear Luminaires

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DINGO Track Light

Clean design and high performance track light.

DINGO Track Light

Featuring a deep aluminium reflector, which produces perfect accent lighting without glare.

This lens helps to improve efficiencies pushing lumens/watt to its limits ensuring a very efficient luminaire.

Lumen output up to 3000 and equipped with either a 3000k or 4000k COB.

20degree and 50degree lens as standard and finished in black, white or grey.

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Casa Square Duo LED Downlight

Casa Square Duo is a compact and discreet twin gimbal downlight.

Casa Square Duo LED Downlight

Casa Square Duo is a compact and discreet twin gimbal downlight available in a range of finishes.

The Casa Square Duo is very flexible, offering numerous adjustment possibilities making it easy to achieve your desired lighting design.

Available in various colour temps ranging from 2700k all the way through to 4000k and in either CRi80 or 90+ this versatile luminaire has endless configurations.

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