Zero Latency VR | Wembley, London

zero latency triangle london

Based in Wembley’s Boxpark, we worked with Zero Latency on their second opening in the UK.

John Lilley, CEO of MeetspaceVR said, “We’re thrilled to bring the world’s most advanced social gaming experience, Zero Latency, to London.

“Free roam VR is the future of group social entertainment attractions – we believe gaming is better when played together. The adrenaline-pumping experience caters to a wide audience from avid-gamers to first-time visitors.

“Wembley plays host to the world’s biggest sporting tournaments and so it feels like the perfect place to launch the future of mass competitive Player-to-Player eSport gaming.

“We are looking forward to opening our doors in the UK’s capital in October and unleashing a horde of virtual zombies on visitors.”

To reflect the fun, contemporary environment, and also their branding, we designed and manufactured quirky asymmetric shaped lighting using our bespoke led linear. The result added visual interest and an element of fun, creating focal points throughout the space. Bespoke lighting helps reinforce your branding, and these do just that!

A fun and interesting project for us, a fantastic example of the shapes possible with our LED linear luminaires.

Russell Matthieson, General Manager

Products used

TRON Linear

Crafted in-house, versatile and fulfils even the most ambitious design briefs.

TRON Linear

Crafted in-house, our Tron LED Linear is a truly versatile system that can fulfil even the most demanding of design briefs.

Adding visual interest and creating a talking point, bespoke shapes such as triangles, circles or even abstract scattered suspended luminaires, there is something for every space big or small.

Can be suspended, surface mounted or recessed in a variety of finishes to suit bespoke requirements.

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