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    LIFT Downlight

    Downlight and recessed directional spotlight in one. Recessed in the ceiling, LIFT provides a flat illumination as a classic downlight. When extended, the spotlight can be rotated and swivelled and sets the desired lighting accents. BINGO represents the counterpart as a track-mounted spotlight. Used together, they provide a uniform ceiling appearance, since both are equipped with the same lamp head.


    Fully flexible lighting solution that allows for a fully fluid experience within a space.

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      Vent Elite 600 Recessed LED Panel

      Vent Elite 600 is a high specification panel with multiple mounting options.

      Vent Elite 600 Recessed LED Panel

      The Vent Panel series are high specification panels with multiple mounting options.

      An ideal solution for all office and corridor environments.

      Also available with Emergency, DALI, Switch Dim, 1-10V and flicker-free driver options.

      Casa Square Duo LED Downlight

      Casa Square Duo is a compact and discreet twin gimbal downlight.

      Casa Square Duo LED Downlight

      Casa Square Duo is a compact and discreet twin gimbal downlight available in a range of finishes.

      The Casa Square Duo is very flexible, offering numerous adjustment possibilities making it easy to achieve your desired lighting design.

      Available in various colour temps ranging from 2700k all the way through to 4000k and in either CRi80 or 90+ this versatile luminaire has endless configurations.

      Vent Pro Diffused Downlight

      Low maintenance LED Diffused Downlight with driver included.

      Vent Pro Diffused Downlight

      Low energy, low maintenance LED Diffused Downlights with driver included.

      Ideal upgrade for existing compact fluorescent luminaires.

      Lumen outputs range from 900 up to 2100lumen.

      Colour temperatures of 3000k and 4000k as standard.

      Wasp Small Spotlight

      A contemporary and minimal recessed LED down light.

      Wasp Small Spotlight

      A minimalist recessed LED spotlight available in multiple sizes, beam angles and colours.