Our Services

Here we’ll be telling you all about the services we offer in more detail

 Generally we’ll be showing off about all the cool stuff we can do, and have done, for clients. Not that we’re vain or anything, we genuinely enjoy our work, and we want you to too.


Lighting is all about creating a mood and a flow through an environment, and getting it right has a huge impact on your customers. We design lighting layouts and recommend the best products to use to get the feel just right. Our in-house team can work with you to create spectacular bespoke pieces either as a one-off or for a large production run, and if you’d like to see what your store is going to look like prior to installation, we develop 3D, computer-generated walk-throughs which let you explore the space.


While our extensive range of fixtures and fittings are spot on for many businesses, we are sometimes asked to work to some really demanding design briefs (often designed by ourselves actually). For the unique, the flamboyant, the innovative and the niche we offer a flexible in-house manufacturing service to make sure you get your dream fittings exactly to spec.



Although we welcome visitors to Prolight, we don’t expect you to pick the light fittings up yourself, that’s just rude. Supply is all-important and we pride ourselves on having never missed a project’s handover date in the 20 plus years we’ve been in business, be it a one-off design or a large rollout. Nor will we. We don’t guarantee it as such, we just do it. Every time.

After care

We won’t just love you and leave you, we’ll stick around for at least a second date. Aside from our rigorous quality control methods, if something does go wrong, our ultra-responsive maintenance team are kept awake 24/7 by obscure Norwegian black metal to ensure that any problem you may have is sorted without a second’s delay, any time of the day. Don’t worry, we do feed them, we’re not animals.